Types of activity

  1. Water collection, treatment and transportation:
  • catchment of from underground and Nistru River resources;
  • treatment and conditioning of water according to GOST “Drinking water” at the treatment facilities of Nistru Station and Water Treatment Plant;
  • transportation of water through pipelines and distribution to consumers through hydrophore and sectoral pumping stations.
  1. Water supply and sewerage systems and networks:
  • construction of water supply and sewage networks and their installations;
  • reconstruction and repair works at water supply and sewage systems and installations;
  • connection of water supply and sewage networks built into the networks in operation;
  • enforcement of prevention, detection, localization and emergency liquidation measures for pipeline defects.
  1. Reception, transportation and wastewater treatment:
  • receipt and transportation to wastewater collectors;
  • mechanical and biological treatment of wastewater at sewage treatment plants;
  • prophylactic works of liquidation of clogs to the sewage networks.
  1. Laboratory and technical analyses:
  • implementation of primary and drinking water analyses;
  • execution of wastewater analyses taken at the treatment plants and control of their purification;
  • laboratory and technical control over observance of the maximum admissible concentrations of various ingredients in the wastewater of the economic agents;
  • diagnosis and hydraulic examination of the state of pipelines and artesian wells;
  • repair and metrological control of recording, measuring and control devices.
  1. Electro-technical laboratory analyses:
  • Electro-technical Laboratory of S.A. “Apa-Canal Chisinau” provides services against payment to legal and physical persons, to perform measurements and tests in electrical installations up to and over 1000 V, tests of protection means and determination of cable damage. Tel.: 52-89-99


  1. Execution of design, topographic and geodetic works:
  • development of connection notices (off. 101, 38 Albisoara Street, Phone 022-256-882).
  • coordination of project documentation – (b. 709, tel.022-256-825).
  • issue of F-5 “Permanent commissioning of water and sewage networks and installations” – (709, tel. 022-256-780).
  • issue of technical conditions for connection to the water supply and sewage networks;
  • research and design works on water supply and sewage of objectives;
  • coordination of the project documentation for the construction of the objectives on the territory of Chisinau municipality.
  1. District heating of Codru t., Airport, CPL “Codru”:
  • production of heat;
  • transportation of heat;
  • supply of heat to the consumer.